Mirror based Goniophotometer LMT GO-DS 2000 for intensity distribution measurement (EULUMDAT, IES), luminous flux (lm), luminous efficiency (lm/W), color (coordinates xy, coordinates XYZ, coordinates Lab), correlated color temperature CCT, color rendering index CRI, light pollution in accordance with various regional laws. goniospecchio HQ

  • voltage stability at sample: < 0,1% Un
  • angular resolution: 0.1°
  • mirror dimensions: 2000 mm x 2800 mm
  • photometer: Classe L  in accordance with DIN 5032 parte 7 includes mirror performance
  • samples: up to 2000 mm in diameter and 50 kg of weight

curve fotometricheThe basic data consists in the luminous intensity distribution of the luminary, measured in units of candelas per 1000 lumens of lamp flux. The luminous flux of the lamp used during the measurements is also measured and reported.


derived data: polar diagrams, isolux diagram, luminance diagram, photometric classification, zonal flux, 3D diagram and more

why a mirror based photogoniometer?: luminary remains in mounting position during test, high angular resolution, type C goniometer is required by ENERGY STAR certification scheme

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