Among others QUALILAB offers the following tests:

  • photometry in General Lighting (luminous flux, luminous intensity, *.ldt, *.ies, color coordinates, CCT, CRI and more)
  • photometry others (luminous intensity, illuminance, luminance, retro-reflection CIL, color coordinates and more)
  • photobiological safety (characterization of risk-group in accordance with EN 62471 and ANSI IESNA RP27 - photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems)


  • vibration tests (RANDOM, SINE, SHOCK with superimposed temperature and/or humidity cycle)
  • climatic tests (temperature, humidity, temperature with superimposed humidity, thermal shock)
  • IP tests (water and dust)
  • corrosion tests (up to 1200l chamber size)


  • electrical tests (electrical safety tests on luminaries, automotive components and household equipment)


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