the laboratory QUALILAB


  • photometric tests General Lighting (photometric characterization of light sources and luminaries - intensity distribution)
  • photometric tests other (photometric characterization of traffic lights, safety warning and safety light devices, variable message panels, lamps and luminaries for navigation and airport application and homologation of automotive lighting and signaling devices)
  • environmental tests (temperature tests, climatic tests with temperature and humidity, degree of protection IP, vibration tests, corrosion tests, impact test, natural and artificial weathering test, and more)
  • radiometric tests (characterization of risk-group in accordance with EN62471 photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems, color measurement in emission, transmission and reflection)
  • electrical tests (electrical safety tests on luminaries, automotive components and household equipment)
  • supplies consultancy in the following sectors
  • general lighting
  • photometry
  • radiometry
  • environmental tests
  • electrical tests
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