Eseguiamo prove su una vasta gamma di prodotti: dalla componentistica automotive, agli apparecchi di illuminazione, passando dai dispositivi di segnalazione acustica e visiva e tanto altro ancora. La nostra struttura snella e veloce ci permette di gestire le vostre esigenze di prova.

QUALILAB is able to meet testing needs of the automotive world for various vehicle components.
Through a wide range of laboratory tests, we accomplish many of the automotive specifications
QUALILAB tests functioning and performance or simulates the ageing of any product or device
exposed to profiles of temperature, humidity, vibration, dust and liquid penetration (IP tests), shock,
corrosion, light ageing, emissions and electromagnetic immunity, etc.
This kind of tests simulate the environmental situations that the device / product will run during its
“life” (from storage, to transport, to the operating environment).
Electrical and electronic components, mouldings, aesthetical elements, dashboards, buttons,
headlamps, wheels and more, are just some of the many examples we can test and characterize.

QUALILAB is a technical service approved by KBA (E1) and VCA (E11). Through these acknowledgements, it is possible to homologate in our laboratory vehicle lighting devices – as regards the photometric profile – and electrical and electronic devices – as regards the electromagnetic compatibility profile (UNECE R10).


KBA approved our laboratory also for car wheels and bicycle lighting devices homologations (STVZO).

A correct development of lighting projects is essential to comply with all national and international
standards relating to lighting of public and private places. Professionals who design lighting of
open or closed spaces need precise information about distribution of light emitted by lighting
devices they intend to fit.

The high quality equipment used at QUALILAB laboratory allows precise and reliable
characterizations of light distribution, performance, light pollution and colorimetric performance.

Moreover, QUALILAB provides services as regards photobiological safety ( EN62471,
IEC/TR62778), electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

In our laboratory, we can evaluate also IP grade, corrosion protection, attitude under vibration,
temperature and humidity profiles and more.

QUALILAB is a Notified Body for the Construction Products Regulation No 305/2011.

At QUALILAB we are able to follow the complete set of testing (ITT) and certification/maintenance procedure (FPC) for different types of products related to signal and fire-fighting.

In particular QUALILAB is recognized for:

Fire-fighting: EN 54:3, EN 54:4, EN 54:11, EN54:17, EN54:18, EN 54:23

Road signs: EN1463-1, EN12352, EN12368, EN12899-1, EN12899-3, EN12966-1

A single partner for your whole certification process.


Certified products register:

Qualilab provides any applicant with the following information at

– Information regarding the certification scheme, including the evaluation procedures and the procedures for issuing certification or declining certification;

– Operational documentation and forms relating to the certification process;

– The price list, in its current revision, applied to applicants and showing the costs they have to bear for the activities of the notified body;

– The information needed to lodge complaints and to appeal

Thanks to its equipment and tools QUALILAB is able to meet test requirements of a lot of different products.

The lifecycle of all equipment is composed of storage, transport to the final installation and operation. During these phases, the devices cross more or less aggressive environments characterized by variable temperatures, humidity, vibrations, corrosive atmospheres and irradiations from natural or artificial sources.

We have the right equipment to simulate these environments allowing us to verify right operation and maintenance of the tested devices characteristics.

Our Accreditations


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